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Kiiron : the first book in the "Lodestar Rising" trilogy by Trisha Johnson

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Behind the scenes

I have always been interested in religion: what does it mean to us, as individuals? Why are so many of us drawn to organized religions? What were the forces that caused our belief systems to evolve over millennia from a primitive devotion to an ‘Earth Goddess’ – a time when there was no concept of war - through the “War God” era – when there was very much a desire to wage war (and the Gods demanded it) - to the recent past, when the ‘Word” of the Creator became our creed, with or without the intercession of prophets, and religious wars became the norm: as today, in the so-called ‘Clash of Civilizations’.

As mankind takes its first, faltering steps into space, as we reach for the stars, will we discover races who’s beliefs run so contrary to our own that we will find it necessary to engage in horrific and bloody religious wars with them, as our European ancestors did as they discovered and colonized the new worlds of north and south America?

Most of us believe in a hands-on kind of Creator. When good or bad happens to us, it is the Creator’s will that has made it so. But can that really be true? How can the Creator be on both sides of a conflict? If fact, why allow conflict to exist in the first place? Surely, having blessed humanity with its creation, the Creator is not now bent on allowing it to self-destruct; and, if that is the plan, why not extinguish us as simply as we were created? Why make us suffer so needlessly if we have offended? Perhaps there is a different reality? Perhaps, we humans are just puppets in the hands of a triumvirate of ancient races who, themselves, are battling for the ultimate prize: the right to claim that they are the chosen ones?



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