I am usually not surprised by the atrocities mankind inflicts upon the natural world, in the name of profit or power. But, since when has slaughtering an elephant for so-called sport been an act worthy of public dissemination? Thanks NBC! Here we have Tony Makris, a lobbyist for the U.S. National Rifle Association gloating over his kill! Here, for all the world to see, is what is becoming the true face of America: unconstrained hubris, limitless cruelty coupled with a total disregard for of the natural world and its extraordinary beauty; preferring instead to exploit it for profit or self-aggrandizement. Many are the comparisons of America to Ancient Rome. Slaughter as public entertainment was widely popular a couple of thousand years ago, as it would seem, it has become in a nation that is laughingly described as ‘Mankind’s Last Best Hope’.

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