Bugging out.

The Belizean Government is running a series of adverts on Fox News (www.buybelize.com) extolling the virtues of this small, Caribbean paradise.

I live in Belize, and have been here six years. The roads are mostly dreadful – okay if you have an off-road vehicle like a Jeep – and gas is US$ 6.00 a gallon. But, trust me, those are the only black marks against us. The people are friendly, polite, educated and not obsessed with money. They also speak English!

Belize has coral atolls, cayes, caves, rainforest, sandy beaches, more Mayan ruins than you can poke a stick at, land at reasonable prices and homes a plenty, and a diverse ethnic mix. Anything you can buy in America, you can buy in Belize; though why should you, when the local food is untainted by hormones, antibiotics and steroids and a meal can be had for US$ 4.00. Our sodas are made with cane sugar and, who knows, if you eat like the locals, which means lots of rice and beans and plantain and seasonal fruits which haven’t been zapped by radiation, you could even lose weight! You’ll certainly feel better! My blood pressure dropped to normal and I’ve lost almost ninety pounds since coming here!

This remains a FREE country in most aspects of daily life. Damn, you can even keep chickens in your yard without some busy body’s say so, though you might have to take precautions to protect them from the local wildlife if you live in a rural area.

If you have a skill, or just a dream, Belize is definitely the place for you. Oh, and we don’t bomb people and the police don’t stop you for a busted tail light! Stop at the occasional police checkpoint – they’re always polite and more often than not will wave you through – and, on a hot day, if the officer spies a six pack on your passenger seat, he’ll likely look at it longingly and thank you profusely if you offer him one! This is not an over regulated society. It is a commonsense society.

Julia, Lewis and myself are always around to help you, so, make your first port of call in Belize The Red Hut Inn, where we’ll tell you all about our splendid little country and help you plan your tours, your relocation or retirement so you, too, can live in a stress free paradise.


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