American Muscle

So, the Decider’s apprentice has convinced – or more accurately – received the support and political cover he always knew he had from the Imperialist crazies in the House and Senate (to wit, Bomber McCain and Dame Lindsay Graham) to bomb the heck out of another Muslim country, which, like Iran and Libya before it, is bereft of that indispensable component of modern finance: a Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

Like the hoodlums that employed hit men to enforce their will during prohibition, America has revealed itself as nothing more than ‘muscle’ for the criminal central bankers.

And, yet, every American tourist I’ve encountered in my adopted home of Belize, when they do have an opinion on Obama’s constant warmongering – which is rare – seem to think it has nothing to do with them. Well it soon will, when gas is $10.00 a gallon IF they can find it!

If my readers are interested in the truth about Assad’s supposed use of Sarin gas on his own people, I recommend they read this article by Pepe Escobar in the Asia Times, and this, by Michel Chossudovsky, in which he makes this point, and I quote:

“In a bitter irony, the language and discourse of the “Progressives” while not calling for direct military action, is similar in scope and content to a Neocon Open Letter to President Barack Obama published in the Weekly Standard signed by Elliott Abrams, Paul Berman, Eliot A. Cohen, Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Bernard-Henri Levy, Karl Rove, among others.

“At a minimum, the United States, along with willing allies and partners, should use standoff weapons and air power to target the Syrian dictatorship’s military units that were involved in the recent large-scale use of chemical weapons,…

It should also provide vetted moderate elements of Syria’s armed opposition with the military support required to identify and strike regime units armed with chemical weapons.”It is therefore time for the United States to take meaningful and decisive actions to stem the Assad regime’s relentless aggression, and help shape and influence the foundations for the post-Assad Syria that you have said is inevitable.” End Quote.

Note the signatories to this letter. With the exception of Karl Rove, they have something in common. Of course I can’t say what that might be on account of its being anti-………….. I’m sure you can finish the word for me.

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