Heading into the wind.

I’m an avid reader. I have a daily routine which involves working my way through a list of those writers / commentators who post on the internet on a regular basis and whose insights I value. Websites like: Zerohedge, The Burning Platform, Of Two Minds, Kuntsler, Jesse’s Cafe American are my first meal of the day. All have one thing in common: they tell the truth. They also have something else in common: only those who are interested in the truth read them; and there are precious few of those these days.

So, I’ll dispense with the truth. I’ll trim my sails and tack to a different course. No longer will I sail into the wind. I will come about and, with the wind to my back, go with the flow, like most people I encounter seem to do. Where will that persistent, sometimes gentle, sometimes not, current take a somnambulant humanity, I wonder? A safe harbor? We hope! A rocky promontory? No, our leaders will surely steer us clear! Far out to sea where we’ll never be heard of again? Perhaps? That would certainly be more to our leaders’ liking since, now the good times are over and the banks have strip mined the wealth of nations, the energy and resource extraction corporations have torn the earth to shreds, and the agricultural megaliths have turned food into nothing more than a simulacrum of nutrition -  with the full support of bought and paid for politicians – the poor, the sick and the unemployed are simply an inconvenience. From their indifference towards those they claim to represent, it is obvious that, in truth, our so-called ‘betters’ would prefer that we, who worked so hard to improve shareholder value, simply wander off and die. And quickly. Though, far enough away, of course, so the stench of our decaying carcasses doesn’t assail their ‘upper crust’ olfactory receptors.

When one watches the daily Wall Street Cavalcade on CNBC, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that CEOs are insane – to a man, or woman. That, or they have somewhere else to go when the Earth becomes too messed up to sustain the human population which infects it. The very idea that continued, global, economic growth is possible on a planet with finite resources is ridiculous; and, yet, these ‘experts’ and corporate ‘go-getters’ would have us believe it is. The pie is only so big. When someone takes a larger slice, someone else has to accept a smaller one. It’s mathematics, not economics which, as far as I can tell, has precious little to do with mathematics. Does no one learn about ‘exponentials’ these days. Does the rule of ’72′ mean nothing to the average person? A three percent annual economic growth rate translates into a doubling of the economy every twenty-four years – same thing with population growth. If that doesn’t give pause for thought among the great unwashed then we are, indeed, headed for a rude awakening, and I’m preaching to an empty church. There’s only one way humanity can continue along this path and that is by the global population being trimmed by seventy / eighty percent. Who gets to die and, more importantly, who gets to choose who gets to die. Let me give you a clue. I ain’t you!

Where do I stand? Well, I just came about and am heading into the wind, once more. Care to join me?

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